Open filename

Example of code to be processed at runtime of your program


Supplied is a source file system that can process and compile files with statements similiar to Fortran7. The result of the compilation is an array of tokens. Also supplied are executing routines that process the token array at runtime and compute and store the resultant values.

Including these routines results in a system (your system) that is programmable at runtime. That means: The user can change files as shown in the picture above. Your program rereads these files and the reaction of your program is altered (in the example switching heater and cooler).

The programming language of the source system that you will download is Fortran7.

The Formula Compiler can process arithmetic and logical expressions: You can use braces (depth only limited by the working space), standard arithmetic functions like MIN(..), MAX(..) and trigonometric functions: SIN(..), TAN(..) and others as well as logical functions: NOT(..), XOR(..) and others.

  • The standard data type is REAL.
  • Statements IF .. THEN .. ELSEIF .. ELSE .. ENDIF are included.
  • You can use logical expressions with AND, OR, .., EQ, GT, ...
  • Several user functions are included "soft wired" in this compiler like threshold, flipflop.
  • Your own functions can be implemented easily.

  • Handbook: Chapter 1..3 (English): Short description, control statements, description of common variables
  • Handbook: Chapter 4 (German): Detailed description of functions (sorry, but I did not have the time to translate)